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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Words of advice...

Sweatshirts and pants on the beach- my favorite still.

Words of advice from my plastic surgeon. “This will be a great time for you to catch up on your digital photo albums, movies you have wanted to see and books you have wanted to read”. Oh boy, this should be interesting…..
I do have a huge box of memories that I have wanted to scan into my computer. You never really know which ones you remember or if you have just looked at the photos so many times that you’re able to create your own memory. What I do know is that they were simpler times (at least for me) and these photos make me smile.
Yesterday’s appointment went well. It was a clear validation that I have made the right choices. This is not going to be an easy surgery (7 hours, yikes!) but it will be harder on those waiting. I won’t have a clue until I wake up. I have an appointment today with Nurse Practitioner to get my final check to make sure I’m ok for surgery and I’m hoping the skies clear so I can get out on the bike for a quick evening spin.

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