My account of life both on and off of two wheels...... "At least I'm enjoying the ride"

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Forward Movement.

While sitting down to work on writing content for my business website, I starting thinking about why I am doing the work that I do today.  What is it I am trying to get across as my message to my clients?

I was drawn back to the many memories of sitting in front of my computer writing and sharing the story of my life- The cancer diagnosis; the many surgeries and treatments; love and being in love; bike riding; racing; food and whatever else fell in-between... I wrote candidly and honestly for 3 years.  I wrote about what it was like for me to go through my journey in the “cancer vortex” and how that changed me both physically and mentally. 

It has been 2 years since I have written here and on April 15 it will be 5 years from my diagnosis.  If someone asked me 5 years ago where I imagined I would be in life, I would have never been able to guess.  It seemed so far away and so unattainable yet parts of my life seemed indestructible…

I am still seeing my doctors every 3 months, getting a shot monthly and take my tamoxifen daily to keep cancer away and as far as we know, it is all working!  I feel I am one of the lucky ones.

I am looking to race again this season but I am not totally sure what those races will be yet.   I have had little time to train this winter but we will just have to wait and see.   I am putting little pressure on myself to race and I will know if and when I am ready.

Over the last two years I have come into my self again, changed careers, road many miles on my bike, traveled thousand of miles, lost friends and lost a love.  I have been forced and inspired to move forward to new adventures. 

I wake up to see the woman that I never thought I would be or could be.  I am stronger than I ever thought I was or could be.  I am surrounded by many wonderful people and at times overwhelmed with the gifts that I receive from life on a daily basis. 

I am forever grateful to those that have helped me along the way and look forward to seeing where the next 5 years will bring me. 

I will probably not write here again.  I have a hard time relating to and looking at this chapter of my life but it will continue to be a reminder to me of how far I have come.  I know that “Sweet Mango”  is within me forever and this experience will continue to drive my forward movement.  

Thank you for the years of reading and for allowing me to share with you my experiences.