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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Graduation Day!

Yesterday was my 4 month follow up with my medical oncologist, Dr W.   I have been feeling pretty well overall so there was not too much to discuss.  We had some of our normal conversations regarding my dizziness, my arm pain and we discussed my joint pain.  “It is what it is” was her response.  This is her typical response.  She is not dismissive of these complaints but has no solid answers for me.  Her thought is that most of this is still residual effects of all the treatment.  I agree with her and think that the Tamoxifen is also playing a part.  
She seemed pleased with last month’s blood work from my internist but still ran our standard.  Results were overall fantastic and my tumor markers were stable so I have graduated from every 4 months to 6 month follow ups!   This is a big deal in the cancer vortex.  I was a little surprised but Dr W is not a worry wart.  “You are all good- just call me if something comes up“were her last words as she walked out the door.  

I had an extra bounce in my step as I left the building knowing that my next appointment with her was not until mid-October! 

Although this is not a graduation of completion (that will never happen), I will take this milestone as a wonderful gift for my two year “cancerversary”!

I honored my body for all its hard work with a quick celebratory pedal in the woods during my lunch break. 

We have come a long way…


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  1. That's great news, always feels good to have another checkup behind you!