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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Summer wrap up.

Golden Sunflower Fields for miles! 

Ten days after the Hampshire 100, G and I switched gears and packed our bags for a 2 week trip to France.  As crazy as it may seem, we opted not to bring our bikes. This trip was going to be mostly about visiting with G’s family and while biking would have been a wonderful addition to our vacation, it was just going to cause too much stress with all the traveling we had planned between two different locations.  

We took over 800 photos between the two of us so it is taking a long time to sort through. Here is just a sample.

Our trip started in the Mid Pyrenees, in the region known as the Le Gers.
View from one of our many walks through local vineyards. 
15 century Chateau - this was only a short walk away from the house we were staying.

Delicious foods. 
and very good local wine.

Picking Berries on our hike. 
And some grapes..."it is okay, they have so many"
Amazing sunsets. 
and more sunflower fields!  

We then headed south to Montpellier to visit with G’s father.   

We actually rented beach cruisers and cruised the beaches. 

Felt so awkward...but so fun!  
Many walks through fortified villages. 
Great dinners at home. Notice the huge cheese plate.

Special Dinner Guests.
The canals. 
And Lakes. 
My system went into shock with all the food, wine and lack of biking…but we had a great trip!  

By the time we got home and I got back on the bike, I felt pretty out of shape. It took me about a week or more to really feel like I was able to pedal without the thought of all the cheese I ate.  It was totally worth it!

We had only been home two days, when I received the horrible news about a friend of mine passing away from breast cancer.  I have tried to write about it in hopes that it would help me process this great loss.  I am having trouble.  My heart is still too heavy. 

There is not much to report with my physical health. It has been pretty uneventful and for that I am very grateful.  I have my routine follow ups this month and I have no reason to believe that I will receive much more than a “see you in 6 months”.
Mentally, I have not been feeling quite myself these days.  It could be the change of season; sadness of losing a friend; my medicine; work changes or all of the above.  Writing has been difficult for me. 

I do have a lot of exciting things on the horizon so I just keep looking ahead.  I will be focusing to keep the wheels spinning so as not to get paralyzed with all I actually need  to do in the months ahead.

There are lots of positive changes happening.  I will try to post more about that soon. 

Happy Fall and thank you for reading.