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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is it spring?

It is hard to believe that January is over. There is not a spec of snow on the ground and the lakes and ponds are far from frozen.  We had a snow storm 10 days ago but with the assistance of above average temperatures and a little rain, it is all gone!   The temperatures have been in the 40's and today was in the high 50's! This is a dream for most cyclists in the north east.  Especially in the middle of winter when the temperatures are typically in the teens and 20's with a foot of snow on the ground.

With my first race less than 3 months away, I would have been out there getting in some base miles regardless of the temperatures.  But it was so nice to not be freezing my butt off while getting salt from the roads kicked up in my face.  This past weekend I even felt great on the bike- very connected.  Dare I say it?  It is all coming together again!   

Heading home after a 50 mile road ride. 

Sunday in the woods- great day with friends!

I have another Pilates workshop this weekend.  This one is 20 hours long so that pretty much wipes out my weekend for riding.  The flip side is, the Pilates is helping to make me stronger and I am really enjoying my studies. I have partnered up with another student so I am getting even more time in the studio to practice all I have learned thus far.  It is really helping to keep me motivated and get me on track. The completion of my certification seems a long ways away but every hour counts towards the 500 hour requirement!

So, it is not spring yet but I do hope February is as kind to us as January was!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Beating the Odds.

Final Ride of 2011
We are already a few weeks into 2012 and tomorrow will be my 38th birthday!  The time between the holidays and my birthday seemed like a blur.   Actually the time between all of my birthdays can sometimes seem like a blur.  Where does the time go?

I use to worry about getting older, but now I usually just smile when I hear people say “oh my GOD, I am getting so old!”  Getting old is a gift.  Since my cancer diagnosis, age is sort of game of Beat the Odds for me now.  How many birthdays can I get to celebrate from here on out?  I would not mind 40-50 more years please.   Is that too much to wish for?
I know it may seem strange to others, but it has not been until recently that I have thought about how not-sick I really was before my diagnosis with cancer.  Cancer is and can remain for a long time, a very silent killer within someone’s body.  I do know that I was not too far away from being in a world of trouble, but I really did not feel sick.  I felt great- probably the best shape of my life.  It was not until they gave me treatments to make me ‘better’ did I truly feel sick. What I am really recovering from is the treatments, not the cancer.   I powered through most of it, rode my bike, worked, and lived the best I could every day. Yet, I still have a hard time comprehending whether or not I was really ‘sick’. 
I feel like my riding is coming together and I am starting to feel my strength returning.  This has only really occurred in the past two weeks.  We have been able to get some pretty good miles in since the weather had been so warm.  My endurance is coming back and I am actually feeling pretty good -most days.   I think my body has recovered from most of the treatments, but then I overdo it on rides and working long hours, and then I feel exhausted.  I would like to think that goes the same for most people so I won’t give it too much thought.
Winter has finally hit the New York area.  It would not be my birthday without below freezing temperatures or a snow storm.  That is more like it! While I do wish tomorrow was going to be 50 degrees and sunny, I will take the day as is.  

Beautiful day for a hike...20* and sunny!  
So, here is to me turning 38 with a strong 40 or 50 birthdays in my future!

Thank you for reading.