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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Helmets and Hair

As I had hoped, my energy level was up substantially over the weekend. I will embrace these moments when I can and not ask questions.

This was Saturday's "training ride". Training for me has obviously taken on a whole new level. My goals are similar to when I am training for racing but it's just on a smaller scale. My short term goal right now is to increase my time in the saddle. Basically, go for longer. This was training ride number 4 and I made it the furthest yet! My speed has now increased enough that I think it may be time to wear my helmet again. Normally I'm a huge helmet advocate but I have been having trouble 'gearing up' for these rides as I have not looked at them as real bike rides. Arrogant, yes. Stupid, probably. Even though I'm only on the North County Trail, I should be wearing my helmet.

Video of Saturday's Training Ride- Made it to Briarcliff!

Sprint Finish- I promise that I did call out "on your left".

Oh to be back on two wheels feel so great....helps my spirits and makes me smile. Next, I hope to be on the road bike then the dirt. I dream of being on the dirt. Just need more endurance and strength.

Hair-A whole other topic that I thought I would never have to face in life. Hair loss is what many breast cancer survivors have to face. It happens anywhere from 10-21 days after your first treatment. I am at day 11....still blessed with my hair but it is inevitable and it will start to grow back after I stop my treatments. These drugs they are giving me kill ALL fast growing cells so that includes my hair, nails and well..that's all I'm willing to discuss today.

In anticipation for this event, I decided Saturday to call my local salon to see if they could squeeze me in for a hair cut. For those that have seen me recently, my hair is quite long. I thought of waiting until it started to fall out and just buzz cutting it but instead of watching it fall out in clumps, I decided I would cut it off and donate my lovely ponytail to Locks of Love. The foundation for children fighting their own fight and dealing with hair loss. My loss will be some child's gain. Ah yes, this will make me feel good. I text my sister at noon and ask her to join me on this adventure. I needed a photographer and support. Of course my sister was ready and willing.

I realized that I should have taken a picture of my hair right before I went into the salon but honestly, I forgot and it really was not looking so good that day. Here are a few recent ones.

One way I liked to wear my hair. Here is a photo that G and I took of ourselves waiting for the train to head into NYC to meet his sister and cousin for dinner. It had been right before my diagnosis.

Another way I liked to wear my hair. All the pink is not planned. I do actually like pink.

In the salon, getting mentally prepared.

The big cut! Notice, I am actually smiling. My sister and I were laughing about the fact that my battery died on my camera. Perfect timing, not.

There she is. My ponytail or what used to be mine.

The styling process. M.A. was the best spiriting hairdresser I could have had. She rolled with it and showed great professionalism and kept her sense of humor. Thank you M.A.

Still smiling...

Finished product. Me and my sister. Everything is always better with her. Side note-Notice her cute pregnant belly. Another thing to look forward to. A new niece or nephew who is due to grace our presence around October 31. Around the same time I finish my last chemo treatment.

I will have more on this topic of hair as time goes on. There are new levels of side effects that appear every day. In the meantime, I need to keep reminding myself that most of this is temporary and short lived. Along with this haircut. I give it a week until I have to go for the buzz cut.

Today I start physical therapy to regain my full range of motion in my left arm. Still have a bit of trouble with it. Wednesday is my medi-port surgery and Thursday is round 2 of chemo. Not looking forward to it but really, who would be.


  1. You look awesome!! I'll call you tomorrow.

  2. Hi Becky, the videos are amazing, definitely think it's time for a helmut! Looked like you were going really fast. Loved the pic of you and Laura, so cute. Dr. B is awesome. You really lucked out getting such a caring doctor. Good luck weds and thurs. xo, Kathy