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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fridays and special people

photo credit- keade

It’s Friday morning and it is already a beautiful day. I take these early morning times to sit and collect my thoughts for the day. Lately it has been a bit harder to find the time but I’m realizing it is even more necessary for me these days.
Yesterday started off with a fantastic ride in the woods with some awesome friends at Blue Mountain Reservation. This is by far one of my favorite places to ride around here and worth the little extra drive to make it happen. My buddy took this photo and it seemed to capture a great moment for me coming down “stinger” with a huge smile on my face. Thanks for the picture and for another fun ride.

I found myself strapped for time yesterday…shocker, right. Had a lot of good intentions but once again I was reminded that I can only do what I can and the universe may have another idea in mind. I was late to meet friends for dinner but while it bothered me, everyone was just so happy to see me, it really didn’t matter how late I was. Once I was able to relax and get some food in me (yes, I do get very irritable when I’m hungry) I quickly settled into a wonderful evening with some people that are very dear to me.
I reflected a bit this morning about a few things. One is about a race on Sunday that normally I would be gearing up for and while physically I could participate, I know I need to just enjoy the time I can on the bike and not put pressure on myself to race. I do love to race but above all I love to ride my bike.
The other thing that I thought hard about today was the overwhelming positive response from friends and family. People near and far…people I don’t even know very well who have been recently informed of my diagnosis have reached out in so many different ways. While I may not respond to all of them, the reminders that I am not alone and that I am loved by so many, feels almost as surreal as the idea of me having cancer. I’ve moved a few times in my past and met so many amazing people. Yes, you are all amazing and have individually and collectively given me something so special. I’m a very lucky and grateful woman to have all of you so thank you.
While today is the Friday before my surgery and that alone carries its own meaning just like April 15 is no longer just tax day to me, it is also a special marker for me. It is one year ago this weekend that I was reminded that love can exist again. I am looking forward to celebrating this weekend.

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