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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ride your bike!

No riding bikes, no hiking, no swimming…what is there to do in summer?! I miss riding my bike so much. My road bike sits in the living room collecting dust and I pass by my mountain bikes almost forgetting what it feels like to be in the woods. Sigh… That is just my reality and while it is only temporary it makes me feel a bit lost. Now that I have stitches again, I am back to all the same restrictions as I was right after the surgery. So hard to sit still but this past weekend was so hot and humid that I had an excuse to just sit inside in the air conditioning for most of it. I try to give in to this crap. Not the cancer, I will never give into that but I will submit to the fact that my body must heal and it will do so in its own time. Blah-Blah. It sounds quite boring but actually I had a nice weekend. I spent some time writing, reading, napping and even dabbled in a little water colors. I forget how relaxing putting the brush to paper can be. I am far from being a painter and will probably never share any of my “work” but do find it therapeutic. I didn’t sit inside all day.

Friday, I spent time with my uncle that was visiting from Philly and worked a bit in the afternoon. G got home earlier than usual from work and we decided to swing by our friend’s bike shop to drop off some parts for a build he is working on and visit. One of my other buddies was there as well. There is always someone to shoot the shit with at your local bike shop. Good to feel a part of it even though I am so removed. Feeling good, we decided to go out for sushi. Saturday was hot but there was still a breeze so we decided to pack up our lunch and head to the park for a picnic. We went to a local park, which does not require a lot of walking so just right for me to stick to my doctor’s orders. I enjoyed the change of scenery. My sister joined us for dinner that night. I actually cooked! Nothing too over the top but it felt good to make dinner for my family. I should have taken a photo but we ate it too fast.

Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment with Dr. B. Hopefully I am still in the clear to go to Maine. I would be crushed if she told me no. I am still very much in limbo while I wait to start my chemo treatments. Hoping that all is healing as planned this time so I can get this party started. The sooner I start the sooner I finish. My goal is to be finished chemo treatments before Christmas.

I always check out the NY Times health section and today, I see this short to the point article. Life on two wheels is not only more fun, but it’s good for you ladies!">


  1. AND you made waffles...and to set the record straight, your waffles are better than mine.

  2. Forgot about just need more practice.

  3. Hey there,

    Glad things went better for you. I have been off line with computer issues. Glad to be caught up and OMG, you have been through the ringer girl and you are handling it with grace, and awesomeness! Love you and miss you.
    Go KICK some cancer ass, my friend.

  4. Thanks T, I will do my best....miss you and love you too!