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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Endurance training and sweet Sunday mornings.

Recovery has been as my doctors described to me, up and down with peaks and valleys. I have found this to be true not only with the physical but the mental as well. I’ve tried to put this into something that I can relate to and of course cycling comes to mind. So far it’s been like one of my long training rides on the road bike. I need to stay steady on the up hills as they are harder and take up a lot more of my energy especially since I’m right at the beginning stage of my training. As I crest the top of a grueling climb, I have to talk myself into it and remind myself that I’m a strong woman and that I can do this even though I can feel the lactic acid burning in my legs. Before I know it, I’m over the top and now I can spin out my legs to recover and get ready to charge the next hill. As time passes I will start to feel stronger each day and those hills that I dread won’t seem as difficult and I will get up them quicker and with greater ease. I have already made a big leap in my recovery the past four days. While still totally wiped out at the end of the day or even in the middle of the day, I am able to do a little bit more and go a little bit longer. Just like endurance training.

Today was a sweet Sunday morning.
I woke up to the smell of fresh brewing coffee and the sound of shuffling about in the kitchen. I slowly pealed myself out of the bed, walked into the kitchen to see that my amazing guy is not only pouring me a cup of coffee but he is making my favorite. Whole wheat waffles with fresh blueberries. This was his first attempt at my recipe and dare I say, they may have even been better than when I make them…..After enjoying our morning together discussing a few odds and ends we decided to head into town for walk. Although we had just had some coffee at the house, we decided to venture to The Coffee Labs for a latte. It’s Sunday and a little extra coffee can’t hurt. This was my first walk into town and I am happy to report it was a success. Hope the weather holds so I might try for an afternoon stroll sans coffee as would not want to overdo it!

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  1. I like the posts that feauture your "amazing guy" the best. He sounds sooo cool.