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Friday, June 11, 2010

"Inch by Inch" and the Relay for Life

It’s Friday and I am looking back to where I was two weeks ago. Lying in a hospital bed in a fog of narcotics and sadness wondering how I was ever going to feel like “me” again. I’m not quite there yet, but I have made huge distance. I have all my drains and stitches out! No more bandages; no more emptying the drains 3 times a day and wondering if they can be seen under my over-sized button down shirt. Done, so what’s next? I continue to struggle with the everyday activities. Still not allowed (probably couldn’t do it anyway) to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. My fruit bowl is more than that! I can not quite get a shirt over my head but I can wash and brush my own hair. Yay me! I am allowed to take mellow walks. “Nothing that breaks a sweat and just keep walking past your bikes” is what my last instruction from Dr. D was. Even if I was allowed to ride, I don’t think I could reach the handle bars. I have lots of daily stretches and exercises to do to get my movement back. They are so hard and leave my arms feeling limp. My left arm is the worst as that is the arm they took all my nodes from. “Inch by inch”, I will get there. I went into this very strong and while the surgery took me down, I’ll get it back.

Relay for Life: Another reminder that I’m not alone and many people are affected by Cancer. Friends of mine play a huge part in a local fundraiser to support The American Cancer Society. It’s called the Relay for Life and it’s in Yorktown, NY tonight. I meant to put this up on my blog earlier but well, it is still not too late to attend if you are in the area. As a cancer survivor, I plan to attend this event this evening and do a lap or two with my friends team and their families. Praying for others is a huge part of my personal progress and I find that to be true now more than ever.


  1. WoooHOOO. I am so happy the stiches and drains came out! You are strong and motivated, you will be on you bike sooner then later, I know it. Love you Super Woman.