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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lucky Girl

There is a bowl in our living room that is filled with cards, letters and even handmade drawings. These are all  another reminder of how lucky a girl I am.   Since I have gone "public" with my diagnosis, the continual influx of mail has amazed me and this bowl of cards does not even include all the emails I have received and stored in my inbox.

I was inspired to go through this bowl this past weekend.

It was overwhelming how many there were and yet, I sorted and read through them all as if I have never seen them before.  Individually, they have their own meaning- They make me laugh, smile, cry and give me comfort.  As a whole, something even more amazing can be felt -All the love and support that I have received and continue to receive.  Without all of that and all of you, I could not do this.  Thank you everyone.

  Just like one giant hug from all of you. 
Wonder Woman- Always my favorite super hero
Who wouldn't want that? 
Cool chicks of course.
You can say that again.
No sugar coating that one.
I have to say, there are a few perks.  
The Greenman- is the guardian of all living things and symbolizes growth and renewal. 
In the first corner, me.  In the second corner, the Big C.
Ding- Ding

baby birds
Handmade cards always have special meanings.  I'm still climbing up the stormy side but I will be riding down that sunshine hill one day. 


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  2. it was great to catch up today... and to see more posts (for some reason, my computer wasn't registering new until today?!)

    beautiful cards--each one heartfelt and 100% true, i am certain :)