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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just like Ground Hog Day.

Today was treatment # 3. I have been feeling physically good the past week, so when I got up this morning I took a nice brisk walk through town. My goal was to hit as many hills as I could to test myself.

It is a hard pill to swallow to know that in a few hours, I would be right back where I was two weeks ago and the two weeks prior to that.

I was very anxious this morning.  Some parts have gotten easier, but I think just the anticipation of feeling like junk is getting to me.  The walk helped to take some of the edge off.   My father arrived at my house a 10:30 to accompany me to my treatment and had a bunch of yummy food for me.  It was his turn to join the 'party'.  Dr. W. my oncologist and I like to say "lets get this party started."  Probably a strange comment but it works for me.  It certainly is not a party by any means.

The check up with the nurse and Dr. W went well.  My heart and lungs are great and my white blood count is back up into the safe zone.  I can't remember the figure to be exact but it was somewhere in the 9,000's.  I am cleared for treatment.  We head upstairs to the chemo suite.  While we wait for the nurse to call us in,  I eat half my P.B.& J  so there is something in my stomach to help prepare me for all the drugs.  

The treatment seemed to move pretty fast today and again, totally uneventful.  We were home before 3 which is great!  I had spoken to a friend this afternoon and was trying to explain how this whole process felt.  What came to mind was Ground Hog Day with Bill Murry.  One of my favorite movies of all time.  I feel like I'm finding a rhythm but no matter what, it's the same results and all the same cast of characters are there.  For the most part, I can just predict the scene.  One of my favorite characters is in the waiting room.

He was eying my P.B. & J

Some updates on the biking world.  G and I went for a ride the other night.  Me on my road bike - for the first time and him on his mountain bike.The arm still hurt but it felt great to be on the road bike.  I had gotten this bike just for training but secretly, I also like riding on the road.  Ok, well now it's not a secret.

Yes, my road bike is pink.  I told you I like pink!
Me attempting to take more pictures of myself riding.
Riding side by side- sort of. 
Riding home at sunset- Tarrytown Lakes
I know I have my work cut out for me the next 5-6 days. But I also know, I'll get through it just like I did the last time.  I can always hope it's not as bad as the last time. 


  1. I was thinking about you all day, glad it went well. Only one more A/C to go! Yeah!

  2. Ground Hog Day is one of your dad's favorite movies too. Like father, like daughter! LOL

    You are always in my thoughts.

  3. Kathy- Way more tired today but yes, only one more of that Red Devil before I move on to my next cocktail.

    Anne- Very funny. It is right up there with My Cousin Vinnie. I think those both fall on the top of our families lists. Thanks for the comment xo R