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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Hug For Your Head.

There has not been many positive things that have yet to come out of having cancer.  But if there is one positive thing that I have come to experience, it is that there are some generous, kind and loving people out there in the world.  I did not need to have cancer knock on my door to remind me of this, but it has and I am grateful for it.

I have been blessed to have so much support from my boyfriend, family, friends, and medical team- all have been on my side ready to support me in whatever I need.  I do need a lot of support these days- some days I am not sure what it is I need, but I need it whatever it is. It could be anything; It could be a sweet kiss from my guy as he tells me how special I am, an email from a friend who is sending me strength, or a visit from a friend or family member just because they want to and not because I asked them to. It all helps and I am grateful for it. 

Why this sudden burst of gratitude?  The gratitude never goes away but some things are just strong reminders that human beings can be inspired to have compassion and love for even a complete stranger.

I had been poking around the internet a month or so ago and stumbled upon another breast cancer survivor blog.  One of her entries was about how you could receive a free head wrap if you were going through treatment.  With the future looking bleak for my hair, I was intrigued.  

France Luxe is a hair ornament company out of Washington state.  The CEO/President, Laurie Erickson developed a program called Good Wishes. -"Our mission is simple: to provide, free of charge, one beautiful It’s a Wrap or Good Wishes Scarf to women and children experiencing the thinning or loss of hair as a result of illness or treatment, to in some small way, to ease their journey. Our goal is to provide a small bit of comfort and share the power of positive thinking and good wishes with these individuals on their path to healing and recovery."

They don't just have head wraps so check out their site- they have some really fun stuff.

I emailed Laurie and asked how her program works.  I received a quick reply from her simply asking me to make a choice of design and she will get started on making my wrap.  Wow, this is fantastic. I emailed her my choice and went on about my life.  

My treatments have been moving forward  and as the doctors promised, I have lost my hair- this week was a bit tougher than the prior weeks. It was a hard pill to swallow and dampened my spirits. 

Tuesday of last week, I got my mail and waiting for me was  "It's a wrap" from Laurie.  Not only is it handmade, with beautiful colors, wonderful material, well crafted and packaged up so perfectly,  it came with something even more special.  A card, personally signed by Laurie and a dozen women that I have never met with messages of strength, courage and hope.  On what seemed to be a miserable day in the land of the cancer vortex, was quickly brightened by the loving energy of strangers.  Thank you ladies for the hug for my head.

"It's a wrap" 
Kindness of strangers.


  1. That story is awesome, I'm crying after reading it. I can just imagine how their completely unexpected generosity made you feel on a hard day.

  2. That's amazing... I will definitely bookmark the site for future patients. :)
    funny, when I first read the title, I thought it would be about your new helmet, which also is like a "hug for your head"