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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's about that time again.

It is Wednesday and I am finally starting to feel half way decent again after I continued to struggle with my stomach issues over the weekend. Unfortunately, I have to go back in for my chemo treatment tomorrow, so feeling good is somewhat short lived.  They are giving me a different drug tomorrow-Taxol. This is part two of my chemo treatment.  The doctors keep telling me the nausea will not be as bad as the first part.  I sure hope they are right. Taxol comes with a whole new set of side effects that I am sure I will write about at a later date.  

In addition to the chemo, I will be starting another drug called Herceptin.  This will be the first of two drugs that I will take to try to help keep the cancer from coming back.  This is an infusion that I will receive every 3 weeks for a year.  It is a good thing I got the port put in.  That will hopefully make these treatments a little easier.  

The other drug is Tamoxifen and that is a pill that I will start taking after I complete chemo.  I will have to take this pill every day for 5 years. I hope to benefit from this drug because the cancer that I had is estrogen positive (estrogen is one of the elements that the doctors know that fed my cancer). It will block my bodies ability to produce high levels of estrogen, hence not helping to feed any possible cancer recurrence

Some good news:  I hit a personal training record over the weekend.  Even though my stomach was not up to par, I still rode my bike. I know, shocker.  Sunday, G and I jumped on the road bikes. Surprisingly, my legs felt pretty good and I was able to ride for 27 miles. It seems like a lot of mileage to some and not so much to some of my training buddies (we are used to doing twice as much), but at this particular point in my treatment it was quite an accomplishment- Go me!  

Tonight is date night.  While we can't go out for sushi (stupid cancer), we still can go out and ride our bikes and keep dinner simple and eat at home. 


  1. Wow, 27 miles sounds like alot of mileage to me! You are truly amazing, you're determination to continue riding is really going to pay off when your chemo is over! I was totally weak after lying around for 4 months. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Amazing...not so much. Determined...totally! I let my body rest when it needs to but I need to keep riding for my mental. Love you and miss you guys. XO R

  3. Thinking good thoughts for you today. I hope the Taxol isn't as uncomfortable as the earlier treatments.

    As for the sushi, that's lousy. Are you on a no raw fish order?



  4. Hi Ian- Nice to hear from you. Yes, no raw fish. Risk of bacteria too high. There are a few other restrictions as well but that is one of the hardest.