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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back at Blue

As I approached the technical stream crossing- the one that appears in the photo on my blog title- I  go for it, but was not fully committed.  In mountain biking if you are not fully committed to clearing an  obstacle it can end badly- focus and no hesitation is crucial.   I hit the first rock the wrong way with my front wheel and realized I better hop off the bike.  I have done this section of the trail a hundred times.  I even looked up at my friends and asked "haven't I done this crossing since surgery?".  Wait, that can't be since I have not been to Blue mountain since last May-  I must have been dreaming about it. 

Saturday was my first day riding at Blue Mountain since before my surgery in May.  In that 5 month time period, a lot has changed both on the trails and with my body.  Mother nature has added some new obstacles and cancer has given me new personal obstacles.  I am trying to get used to my new body and trying to proceed with caution so as not to hurt myself.  I have just received my compression sleeve from the physical therapist and it is making a world of difference for my arm.  While I do not have lymphedema, I sure don't want to get it. This sleeve is just being worn as a preventative measure but it also did help the tricep pain I've been having. 
I felt out of sorts when we first got going but as I got warmed up I was able to figure out what I could do and what would just be too much for me - for now.  I have gotten a lot stronger but I do have a ways to go.Regardless of all the new challenges,  it was a great day in the woods with my guy and we were even able to meet up with some friends and ride with them for a bit.

Objects may appear larger......

While riding my mountain bike at Blue Mountain was a highlight, the overall weekend was great. 

Friday night we took to the town on our single speeds.  There were two street fairs going on so we figured we would check them both out and than grab a slice of pizza at my favorite pizza joint Fleetwood Pizzeria .  It has been closed down for 2 1/2 years after a horrible fire but just reopened this past week.  G thought that the town had gone mad about the reopening of a pizza place, but he soon found out for himself what everyone was raving about.  While I can't make a habit out of going there, it sure will hit the spot after a long ride!

Better than I remember and they still sell RC in the can!  
Sunday we decided to ride the road bikes.  It was my first time pedaling from the house up to the north country trail.  That means....the big hill!  I made it to the top and still had some legs and lungs to spare.  It was another beautiful day and although my legs were tired from the mountain bike ride the previous day and all the treatments,  I was just shy of reaching my goal which is to go from the house to Yorktown Heights.  We did pedal 32 miles with a big hill so I am thrilled with my progress! 


  1. and you look like a superstar doing it all!! so happy you had a great weekend. :)

  2. Thank you DrB. It was great seeing you last week! Hope we can do that again soon.

  3. Fleetwood Pizza! That brings back memories.....

  4. Sophia- It really is the best pizza! Hope you are well.

    Fat Chance- which one- ha the pizza or me on the bike? I do have a great photographer ;)

  5. Amazing to see your progress. Keep it up, and before long you'll be back to dominating Cat 1 races.

  6. Rob- thanks for following my progress. It's nice to know I have people out there cheering me on- Give my best the the Mrs.