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Monday, February 13, 2012

Me, over do it?

I am reminded how quickly it can happen.  You feel great, your life seems to be going along nicely and wham…you over do it! 

My week leading up to my long weekend in the Pilates studio was jam packed but I felt great.  I was 'handling' all of it.  The workshop was fantastic-best one yet. A lot of work both physically and mentally.  That following Monday rolled around and I was not only exhausted but I had that heavy feeling in my chest and the coughing began.  Next it was the fever, runny nose and did I mention the cough?  I have not been this sick from a “cold” in a long time.  I was down for the count all week.  No work, no rides, no studio time, no fun.  While I sat on the couch feeling sorry for myself, I remembered all those days I was so sick from chemo that I could hardly walk or open my eyes without wanting to puke.  Those days have passed for me and so would this.  Oddly, I feel lucky that it is just a bad cold…I do really hate being cooped up though.  Especially when I had a plan to catch up on some riding during the week and long rides for the weekend. 

This past weekend, we were reminded that it is winter and there was no way I was heading out in that weather on Saturday.  I had hoped to head up to Stewart to try to get some longer miles in but that was not going to happen.  I did manage to convince G that I was feeling well enough on Sunday to do a quick lap around Graham.  It was windy and cold but the trails were in great shape.  Amazingly, my legs felt so strong but my lungs, not so much.   My guy had to rein me in and head me back to the car.  I did not want to go home but I know it was the right decision.  He reminded me that I always push myself too hard and it is not always the best thing for me.  I would like to tell you that I do this because I want to live my days to the fullest since my cancer diagnosis but the reality is, I lived this way well before my diagnosis.   I still do not think that is wrong, but I do now consider the long term effects of taking on too much.  There will be more time to pedal .  

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and if all goes as planned, G and I will start our day with a morning pedal in the woods before work.  Now that is my kind of romance!

Happy Valentines Day!


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